Transport Manager CPC Course

What is Transport Manager CPC?

All UK transport providers, haulage and passenger transport, require a 'competent' person to oversee and ensure the business complies with regulations and law, meeting standard national and international operator licence requirements.

Covering all of the United Kingdom, GB Transport Solutions, (GBTS), approved and accredited training courses are an indispensable element of your development to achieve the government’s Department For Transport requirements for professional competency.

With many service providers claiming to offer similar courses to those of GB Transport Solutions, what sets aside GB transport solutions is our promise to provide an all-inclusive training and examination package aimed at ensuring your transport manager is able to deliver the level of professionalism expected of any transport operator. And for those taking the course to further their careers, GBTS will be there, providing step by step guidance when you need it.

Examinations take place in 2 parts, and both parts need to be completed and passed to attain a certificate.

  1. Multiple choice exam
  2. Case study exam


  • SEG certified, you can work towards ‘industry recognised’ qualifications’ building skills that are transferable throughout Europe and across multiple commercial sectors.
  • Support and guidance from expert tutors.
  • Access mock examinations and past CPC exam papers.
  • GBTS will provide you with premium learning materials, essential to completing your course successfully.

The Transport Manager CPC course is offered as standard the following courses :

Weekday (9 Days Inc. Exam Day)

Weekend (4 Weekends Plus One Day Revision Inc. Exam Day-Total 10 Days)

Condensed 'short' courses (7 Days Inc. Exam Day.. Maximum 4 Delegates)

One to One Classes

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All entries must be received by SEG from Test Centres before atleast three weeks of exam day.

Transport Manager CPC Course

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